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Amazon announces own marketplace for Sweden

Amazon wants to conquer more and more new markets: Following the recent opening of its own Dutch marketplace, the online giant is now targeting the European North. Amazon has now announced the launch of its own Amazon portal for Sweden and has begun preparations, reports Reuters.

So far, Swedish customers have been directed to the German website via the domain – with the option of having goods delivered to Sweden. For German online traders this source of income could be eliminated if they do not sell via Amazon’s pan-EU marketplace.

Swedish Amazon could come in the next 12 months

Already in 2017 there were rumours that Amazon was planning its own Swedish website. At that time there was also talk that this would happen in the course of 2018 – however, no corresponding steps had been taken so far. At the time, Swedish competition was all the more enthusiastic about a possible market entry: “All e-commerce players will become slaves under Amazon, and there is no room for us,” surmised Nicklas Storåkers, CEO of the comparison service Pricerunner at the time.

Now the US company’s ambitions seem to be much more concrete. The Swedish Amazon marketplace could now be launched within a year, argues with a view to the launch of the Dutch Amazon site, and the site opened in March this year.

Amazon wants to convince the Swedes with typical service promises

Sweden is attractive for Amazon because of the political and economic conditions, e-commerce expert Gerrit Heineman explained to online traders news about the e-commerce giant’s expansion plans. But Heineman also pointed out the comparatively low population density. Even in sparsely populated regions, Amazon would have to keep its service promises around delivery.

This is apparently also planned, however, as Amazon wants to impress Swedish consumers with its typical service: “We are optimistic that by focusing on what we believe customers will value most – low prices, a wide selection and fast delivery – we eventually win the trust of Swedish customers,” Alex Ootes, Amazon’s vice president for EU expansion, is quoted by Reuters as saying. According to Ootes, the introduction of the full sales offer is on agenda for Sweden. However, there has been no indication of the extent to which new logistics will be created for this purpose.